Present your powerful pelvis in a pair of Bam Bathers today!

Welcome to Bam Bathers, fit is based on the diameter of your waist, kids sizes available. 

Fun for the whole family!

Unleashing the Beast

One day at the pool, I saw a guy with a silhouette of a dragon crawling out of his crotch. I immediately thought to myself, “This is something that I need in my life. Surely, it would impress not only my friends but the ladies as well?!” 

After searching high and low throughout the orient and being unable to find anything similar. I decided to make my vision come to life.

Having had some previous experience with another brand of banana hammocks, which were made from cheaper materials, only lasted one season and had colours that would go transparent when wet. I decided to make something that had a bit more staying power.

BAM Bathers are made from a high quality polyester/spandex blend that means it’s more likely that your days of glory will be gone and your belly will be hanging over the front before they’re worn out or showing signs of stretching 

This isn’t Highlander, just having a dragon wasn’t going to be enough so I created a menagerie of other fierce creatures appearing prominently on the crotch. These were a hit with friends and family who always had a great time when they were in them.

BAM Bathers are about having good quality fun with your friends and family. Slip into a pair today and I’m sure you’ll have a hoot.